26.09 - 07.11

Thinking out of the box of our reality to dive into a universe that is certainly not far from ours, but sufficiently unspeakable to generate curiosity and questioning, this is the experience that connects the work of Lise Stoufflet and Studio BISKT for Avenue du Roi. There is no obvious visual similarity despite some analogies in their creative process, in particular through their search for inspiration in the living space that is Avenue du Roi, but there is a disturbing parallel in the strangeness of their production. Disturbing because they are so different and so close at the same time!

Lise Stoufflet’s surrealist universe echoes several of Studio BISKT’s objects that seem to lose their function, that become as useless as they are poetic. These objects, become sculptures, go beyond their primary function to become a new reality that questions our existence.

The mirror comes out of its frame, vases wither and create a new universe whose strangeness refers to the unreality of breasts that become eyes, smoke that comes to life or of masks that look at the viewer. The dialogue between paintings and sculptures is created in this exchange.

This side of our reality fit into the context of Avenue du Roi like so many references to our daydreams and our search for poetry. The other objects of Studio BISKT, which appear to be industrial in their visual rendering but artisanal in their manufacturing process – a new shift in what we believe to be our reality – take us out of this dreamlike world to dive back into our reality. In our irrepressible need to combine the useful with pleasure….

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Photographer : Alexandra Colmenares

Text : Thibaut Wauthion