18.01 - 06.03

The in-between, this space for doubt and reflection makes nuance possible, not only of thought but also of matter. The in-between, this state runs away from certainty to leave room for experimentation, failure and novelty creating a limitless field of possibilities. The in-between, this association of two entities which is neither one nor the other, and both at the same time.

This insight leads to creation, this in-between, gravitates in every corner of the exhibition Cabinet of curiosities. In the shapes created by the fold of Benjamin Ottoz’s papers, in the rocky aspect of the works, half industrial, half handicraft, of La Double Clique, in this association that plays with the second and third dimension. Sculpture, photography and graphic design cross paths in one work or another.

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These works, with their indeterminate technique and multiple references, when placed side by side, form a set of curiosities which participate in the creation of new visions of the world. They find their origines from the assumed intersection of the concerns, techniques and sources of Benjamin Ottoz and La Double Clique. Shown, shared, exhibited in this bourgeois interior, these works echo the singularities in these small Renaissance collections, humanistic evidence of the growing interest in a new understanding of the world.

Photographer : Alexandra Colmenares

Text : Thibaut Wauthion