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Pulling up
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12.04 - 17.06

As the bearer of a story, or even a message, every work of art transmits to its viewer a sum of visual, thematic and, for the most perceptive, technical information. To understand a creation, you must go back its making. From its appearance, form, iconography and style to its method of conception, the choice of material, the references used, and the technique selected…

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04.09 - 23.10

Questioning our relationship to space and time, the works of Safia Hijos and Mariano Angelotti offer a vision of the world in the interstice of our current lifestyles, fast, noisy, leaving no room for the beauty of a harmless and imperfect hazard…

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08.05 - 02.07

In a Fauvist painting, the colours are vibrand, exacerbated, but above all used in a raw manner, as they are, without being mixed together on the palette. This way of painting was unconventional for that time.

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18.01 - 06.03

The in-between, this space for doubt and reflection makes nuance possible, not only of thought but also of matter…

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11.11 - 23.12

The Material, missing or present, is at the heart of the works of Dorothée Louise Recker and Emmanuelle Roule. Their approaches are opposite but intersect in the observation and interpretation of the ground’s strata for one and the sky for the other.

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26.09 - 07.11

Thinking out of the box of our reality to dive into a universe that is certainly not far from ours, but sufficiently unspeakable to generate curiosity and questioning, this is the experience that connects the work of Lise Stoufflet and Studio BISKT for Avenue du Roi…

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