11.11 - 23.12

The strata are made of successive layers. Each of them stands out from the others by its own characteristics and properties. Used in the first sense in geology for the study of soils, this term is declined to designate a set of several levels.

The Material, missing or present, is at the heart of the works of Dorothée Louise Recker and Emmanuelle Roule. Their approaches are opposite but intersect in the observation and interpretation of the ground’s strata for one and the sky for the other. Dorothée Louise Recker tries to materialize the immaterial, a celestial presence, while Emmanuelle Roule conceptualizes the use of the earth in new processes. The experimentation gives rhythm to their artistic process.

Contemplation, research, trials and errors are part of the two artists daily life, this invisible layer in their works. Contemplation of their object of study; meticulous research of the good material, the one with the adequate colors, reflections, compactness and texture; tests of shaping and creation; failure because the result doesn’t meet their expectation but sometimes exceeds them…

The dialogue is created at the intersection of their approaches and through the materialization of their concerns. The colors and textures dialogue by completing each other visually. A back and forth between materiality and evanescence…

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Photographer : Alexandra Colmenares

Text : Thibaut Wauthion