04.09 - 23.10

Questioning our relationship to space and time, the works of Safia Hijos and Mariano Angelotti offer a vision of the world in the interstice of our current lifestyles, fast, noisy, leaving no room for the beauty of a harmless and imperfect hazard. They develop an ode to this insignificant and constrained chance which appears like a detail of the daily life in the corner of a wall or a street and offering a time of stop, a moment of observation, something to wonder about these forsaken and usually invisible presences.

The vegetal ceramics of Safia Hijos catch the eye to the forgotten places of life and even more of exhibition, while the paintings of Mariano Angelotti sublimate neglected places and usually stripped of all beauty. The technique is radically different but the process is identical. Colors, light and reflections interact with this insignificance, to appropriate it, to reinterpret it and to appreciate it. Another space perception is suggested, more respectful and attentive.

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Developing a vision at the same time kind and subversive of our way of living the places, Safia Hijos and Mariano Angelotti propose another relation between this nature and this architecture both in their way invasive, intriguing, beautiful, by inviting to a form of cohabitation based on the contemplation and the re-appropriation. The imperfection surprises, subjugates and suffices.

Photographer : Laurie Mélotte

Text : Thibaut Wauthion